Attention: This event is completely sold out!

Any good at chess?

Always wanted to compete with the world champion?

You can on January 30th!

We are proud to welcome chess world champion Magnus Carlsen to the Sophia Children’s hospital on Monday January 30th 2017.

During this event Magnus will participate in a simul against 35 opponents. This is your chance to compete with Magnus and beat the world champion of chess!


Securing a place in this simul will cost €1000, which will be completely used to benefit scientific research on craniofacial anomalies.


Competing is 1000 euros, winning is priceless!


If you don’t want to play yourself, but you do care about Stichting Hoofdzaak and its mission, you can ‘adopt a chess board’ for €1000.

This way you will provide a young chess-enthusiast with the chance to compete with Magnus and you support Stichting Hoofdzaak at the same time!


The complete amount raised in this fundraiser will be used for scientific research on craniofacial anomalies.

More information about these conditions and the scientific research that is done can be found here.

Programme of January 30th:

16.00  Venue open
16.40  Welcome &
Meet and Greet Magnus Carlsen
Start simul
18.55  Announcement of the winner & drinks
20.00  Closing


The event will take place in the hall of the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


To sign up or for more information send an email to


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